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Pictures of nature in the Hamilton area.

Animals Great and small

Hello,     Fri. June 18th 2010

Over the last weeks, have been ebiking around Hamilton .Each day I take on average of 200 pictures.And out of the 200

usually 50 are very well composed and say 1000 words.When I see garbage tossed into our Great Lakes and Basins I cant stop

thinking, “whats wrong with people”.Sure I could be on the side of the Consumer. We need our food delivered by truck, We need plastics, Oil,

Lumber and so-on.Our Economy is based on Trade of Fossil fuels, Wood shingles etc…..Being a Consumer I understand a little about Commerce and the World Bank. The difficult part is apathy and doing something about our environment. I choose Documenting both Beauty and the beast “our driven Economy” and the pollution caused by each.Most above all are the animals within our environment.Not the Human type, but Insects, Birds, Cats, Dog,s, deer all wild, and domesticated animals.

This section is a photo journey starting in Hamilton, and then Travel to exotic Lands and societies.

Doug Worrall