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Swanny and Signets Feeding Growing Harbourfront Park Hamilton

Swanny and Signets Feeding Growing Harbourfront Park Hamilton

Saturday july 17th 2010

Swanny and Signets are  Feeding and  Growing at  Harbourfront Park  in Hamilton Ontario Canada

Was a wonderful day to meet people and to see how well Swanny and signets were plumping up

in just three days from the last pictures.Comparing the Signets from three days ago to today there is a significant

difference in there size. They are looking as cute as ever.The Father swan was fending off dogs that were unleashed

and disturbing nature and other people. There are always bad eggs in any bunch and I was lucky today to meet 3 very

interesting people.The Picture below is the Male swan protecting his family from the geese whom were chased into

the water by the two unleashed Dogs , right by swannys signets.

Male Swan protecting his own

The Signets are looking as cute as ever

After shooting some pictures of Swanny and family started talking to Ed and Susan.Ed Is a very interesting man and grew

up in this wonderful area. He informed me what the area looked like in the past, he belongs to the RBG and is outspoken on there

approach to Consevation or over protection.I have been reading information on the History of Cootes Paradise and Artists and Conservationists that view the effort

of the RBG to be less than affective. There will be more posts regarding the history of cootes paradise and Ed has lots of information I would like to talk further with him

and also to be part of  DW photography series “Men and there environment”.

Hope he gets hold of me.

Enjoying the outdoors
When I reached Cootes paradise this morning stopped to change the lens on my camera and take a break.

I met a gentlman that was riding what looked like a 10 speed  at first site.After further conversation

I learned “Bear” built his ebike himself with ion batteries in his back pack, a motor in the wheel base, all way to technical

for me to remember. But a real cool person and interesting and a great laugh.I apologise for my grammer .

Cootes paradise was worth every hour today becuase of the people I met, and the wonderful scenery and cooler air. “Bear” is not his real name

and will be correcting this post and adding more  about Bear  and his love for technology after I speak with him via email.

Hope you enjoy the pictures today and the Posts to come.

Have a great weekend

Doug Worrall

Weekend Time Dance have FUN World

Friday  July 16th 2010

Weekend Time Dance and have FUN

Today on the trail spoke with a gentlman that wished to stay unamed

Yesterday caught a large mouth bass
Yesterday he caught a Large mouth bass off this pier. During the evening there are many people on this

Gazebo and they do not practice catch and release. They are taking over there limit of fish and without a Liscence.

It would be fine to take as many catfish as you can carry, but bass and sports fish many people keep which is wrong, and I plan

to take a few pictures of these people and post them here.Hopefully the Government will hire many more Games and Fisheries

Officers to inforce the law. Also to start releasing the baby slamon further up rivers so they can inprint and return to that river to spawn.

Presently due to being short staffed the Fisheries officers release the babies minows  right off the breakwater at the mouth of rivers.D,oh

But no, this government has deflated our chance to save our Natural resources here in Ontario Canada.


When I shot this Picture got off the ebike and could see the bucket full, with the RBG staff right there working hard on the fishway they

do not have the autority to inforce law’s.There are police officers that frequent the trails daily yet It is not in there Job description

to monitor our natural resources.

There is plenty of beauty out there with ugly pasted here and there, but all in all I feel lucky to live in Canada

This is our land

Have a great weekend

Enjoy the pictures

Doug Worrall

Old Car’s Film Shoot Scottish Rite Downtown Hamilton

Old Car’s Film Shoot at Scottish Rite Downtown Hamilton

Monday July 11th 2010

There are many film shoots at the Scottish Rite at Queen and King st’s  downtown Hamilton. Today was no exception                                 

this time decided to stop and take some picture’s of some very nice old car’s. Was approached  by Brian Harney who is part

of the film crew. Brian asked me to take a few pictures of Susan and was very happy to oblige. It is always nice to have a beautiful

Woman in your Lens. While I was speaking with Susan she showed me her Nikon d90 and the 200mm lens, the exact one I had just ordered

from my Camera shop. Susan told me she has some great shots from all over the World and am hoping she will send me a couple to share with you.

Took a few shots from around the harbour today, It was actually very cool by Cootes Paradise and breezy.There were a few people fishing and enjoying

This Great Weather. Have a great Day

Enjoy the Pictures

Doug Worrall