Elements Photo-blog Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Elements Photo-blog Celebrates One Year Anniversary






The Water






Friday May 17 2011

Recording a Year Hamilton Waterfront and surrounding area / Hyper-local-Journalism . “Picture’s really do tell a better story than the written word.”

Pen and signets


Doug Worrall Photography One Year Young






Yeh One Year Old






Last Year, after a ten year absence from Film photography, I made the leap into the digital age. The learng curve for myself, has been just that, A curve all the way through my grey matter,

down my skinny arms to my finger that releases the shutter to record a little piece of time. Owning a Computer for only four years also made this process  more demanding,  add more “Memory”,Hmmm, to me PC or the Brain.

Sunrise on the docks

The collection below is mostly from October of last year, after I began shooting in Camera Raw,  to the present.

Sharp Releif





deep from within

I counted the days I was able to travel around Harbourfront trail and park, Cootes Paradise, Grindstone Creek, The Royal Botanical Gardens, and the surrounding area.

Traveling approximately 95% was riding my ebike heading out the door at 5AM, hiking, biking, busing-it to each area. If I miss a day due to weather, image processing is the job that has to be done,

I have the whole year to divide into sections for people, boats, wildlife, Scenery, events etc……………………………………..

For a grand  total of Two Hundred and Ninety five days out of 365. . Having four seasons sure does help in the range of photography techniques available to use.

” If you wish to make an impact for ONE YEAR, plant corn; if you wish to make an impact for a Generation, plant a tree; if you wish to make an impact for Eternity, educate a child” Einstein


Happy One Year Pics4twitts and DW Photography





Great Blue Heron





Simply look with perceptive eyes at the world about you, and trust to your own reactions and convictions, Ask Yourself.

“Does this subject move me to feel, think and dream? Can I visualize a print-my own personal statment of what I feel and want to convey-from the subject before me.?





Misty morning





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Ansel Adams

angel eyes

Site Coordinator and Photographer Doug Worrall