Cootes Paradise Hamilton Harbourfront Trail

July 7th 2010

Cootes Paradise Hamilton Harbourfront Trail
a great place to stay cool

Spoke with many people today so not many pictures were snapped.The Park crew’s were clearning bush at 7:30AM
To Clear better view’s for people enjoying the boat racing at Harbourfron Park this weekend.
I noticed today, that the RBG staff for the fisway come-in by Boat and i find that paticularily interseting when i saw other worker’s
also comming in to work by Motor boat.

On this Hot and mumid day, you could feel a calm breeze and relax with the call

of Loon’s the sound of the waves

Licking at the shore line.

Looking-out at Cootes paradise from the dock beside the RBG fishway

Any day you can get to the Harbourfront trail there is a treat to behold around every corner

Enjoy the pictures

Doug Worrall