Great Blue Heron Lake Trout Hamilton

Great Blue Heron Lake Trout Hamilton Harbour

Sunday October 10 2010

Great Blue Heron

Stretch your arms as wide as you can. Now picture a bird whose wingspan is at least that wide. This is the Great Blue Heron, the largest, most widespread North American heron. An up-close encounter with this graceful bird is unforgettable, whether by canoe you come upon one stealthily hunting in a shallow river, or see one fly overhead, its huge wings slowly flapping, across a field or along a lakeshore.

The Great Blue Heron is a large, slim wading bird with a long, curving neck and long legs. Most often confused mistaken as a Sandhill Crane, in flight the Great Blue Heron folds its neck back over its shoulders in an S-shape, while cranes hold their necks outstretched in flight. While hunting, the Great Blue Heron stands nearly motionless, and despite its size can be easily overlooked.

Terry Filets a lake trout for a friend

Terry Filets Lake Trout

Today 11 AM at Harbourfront Trail.


Doug Worrall