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Happy Halloween Trick or treats

Happy Halloween Trick or treats
Sunday October 31 2010

My Cat

Trick or Treat
It’s Halloween boys and ghouls
Do your tricks and treats, but don’t be cruel
Dress up like ghosts and witches and scare
Paint your faces and boo up your hair

A beautiful princess or a fairy with wings
I saw a deck of cards, a king and a queen
A parade of children dressed up like creatures  of the night
Going door to door filling those who open with  fright

I remember those days when I was young
Trick or treating, was lots of fun
Loading up on candy and treats
Staying up all night running the streets

Bats and Black Cats

cat crazy
A friend of mine once said,
bats are little rats with wings.
If that is true, then black cats do
love those little flying things.
They flit and flutter one way and another,
in the night sky, across the moon,
but only the cat can catch them
with one magic leap and it’s the poor bat’s doom.
she brings it to the witch’s house,
for some secret recipe — but if the cat
should miss, and the lucky bat flutters away,
our furry friend finds another place
that night to fall asleep.
Doug Worrall Photography