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Friday August 10 2012

“only trace amounts of rain expected 40% chance” you will not melt

Be aware of developing Thunder/Lighting Clouds/Wind and take cover- safely

Happy fisherman

One great delight is to see a child catch his or her first fish.The achievement an fascination in there eyes is worth there weight in Gold. Prizes will be rewarded to the three biggest {weighed} fish, for each species, so this includes Carp. Weights can reach very high for these large fish.

Big Carp

The Hamilton Harbour watershed covers an area of approximately 500 square kilometres at the western edge of Lake Ontario and is a region of great physiographic diversity as a result of extensive glacial and glaciofluvial processes. The watershed can be divided into four subwatersheds which drain into Hamilton Harbour and include Spencer Creek, Grindstone Creek, North Shore and Redhill Creek subwatersheds. The watershed supports diverse fish communities and offers unique aquatic habitats to both migratory and resident fish species. The Niagara Escarpment represents the region’s most prominent geological feature with its limestone and dolomite ridge bisecting the watershed as it extends from the Niagara River to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula.

Rainbow trout


Myself will be looking for the Wolf of the Lake (The Pike )

Bob’s Pike


Children and wildlife

The wetlands function as a seasonal fish nursery for Lake Ontario, and despite the historical degradation, most historical species of fish can still be found using Cootes Paradise and in increasing numbers. As with birds and plants the location is the biodiversity hotspot for Canada with over 60 species present. Each spring thousands of spawning fish migrate in through the fishway from the harbour and lake, laying eggs and leaving shortly after, allowing the marsh to function as a giant fish hatchery.


Annually between 5 and 20 million fish are produced for the lake depending on water levels and water pollution events. The species present reflect the degraded marsh habitat with the most common the Gizzard shad.

Rbg Fish-way escapee

Also common are night time predators species Channel Catfish and Brown Bullhead, along with invasive species such as Alewife and White Perch. Popular angling species present in limited numbers include pike, Largemouth Bass, and Yellow Perch, but the large adults are only present in the marsh during the spawning season which is closed to fishing. The spring and fall season also brings several migrating salmon and trout to the marshes main inflowing river.

Rainbow trout
Jerry’s catch

In 2007, when there was low water level in Lake Ontario and a favourable wind, all the water was pushed out of Cootes Paradise and the remaining carp swam out into Hamilton Harbour. RBG staff removed the fish gates and herded out the last of the carp, and then replaced the gates. Since then the Paradise has been relatively carp free. In the absence of these large destructive bottom feeders there is a gradual return natural native plant species populations.

Now in 2012 Cootes Paradise is threatened once again by increasing numbers of Carp and Goby fish. Goby fish is a feral species that destroys our environment.

I have images of the Goby fish so if you catch one, “Dont throw it back in water, and especially donnot use as bait . Put the fish in the garbage to save our Great lakes …..please.The Goby grow too two and a half inches long, a very destructive, invasive species are  from  illegal Ballast water dumping by Ocean Craft . Remember the Zebra Mussels?

Goby Fish two inches long

and Thanking  you in advance

Doug Worrall

Rainbow trout

Event is Date below:

The Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby takes place this Saturday, August 11th from 8am to 12pm.  Prizes to be awarded at 1:30pm – – – THIS IS A FREE EVENT FOR ALL AGES!

Company-lets go fishing

Pier 8

47 Discovery Drive

Hamilton, ON

Check in Stations:

While you are out fishing, take your camera, you may see some wonderful animals……………………

The Fishway-Black crowned night heron

Pier 8 – Scoops Ice Cream Hut
HWT Centre – North Side
Bayfront Park Boat Launch
Fishway on Waterfront Trail
LaSalle Park Boat Launch
Marine Police Basin

3 age categories:

Child 10 and under
Youth 11 to 17
Adult 18 and over

Fishing, Environment and
Water Safety Demonstrations


1000 Free Fishing Rods for Children 12 and under

Silent Auction Fundraiser
9:00am to 1:30pm
Pier 8 – Hamilton Waterfront Trust

Harbourfront park


Information: Hamilton Waterfront Trust, Wikipedia




Doug Worrall

Learning To Dance In The Rain Hamilton

Learning To Dance In The Rain

January  2 2011

Blooms in July

“Learning to Dance In The Rain” means to persevere through all challenges. Looking forward to our new year, 2,011, one reflects backwards to 2,010. Here, in the Etymology of the word “Thank You” derives from Old English pancian, meaning to give thanks, or, a favourable thought, which in turn derives from Proto-German term “Thankojan,” which also spawned the Middle German term “danken,” meaning to thank. By the year 1,000 in Old English it was meant as good thoughts, or gratitude. Then in the year 1,400 it was shortened from “I Thank You” to “Thank You.” Thanks is a noun but origin has its root in “think.” The word “Thank You” means more than just appreciation of people’s kindness. The Malaysian meaning “Teremakaseh” means received with love. It is a responsibility to pass on “thank you” to show gratitude, appreciation, and well mean love for what others have added to our work and lives in the community.
At Doug Worrall Photography Elements Photoblog we are grateful for your continued support and comments of pics4twitts.com website and wish you a wonderful new year filled with prosperity, happiness and joy. We are indebted to community participants, municipal partners, charitable organizations, and volunteers that continually provide access to enjoy our environment along the west-end of Lake Ontario, Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradies Wetland and sincerely thank them for their continued efforts to the Harbour.

Pen and Signets

Hamilton Waterfront Trust – is a charitable organization with a “Mandate – to make it possible for everyone to use and enjoy Hamilton’s Waterfront.” They are also responsible for the Waterfront Tolley that many seniors and disabled would not be able to walk the trail, enjoy it on this train ride that is commentated. The conductors, and young people on the train are very friendly and helpful in answering the many questions from the general public. Boat rides are also available on the Harbourfront Queen, where Saturday night moonlight cruises and Sunday Brunches are popular items in the summer and autumn.

Harbourfront Trust
Hamilton Harbourfront tours

The City Of Hamilton – Now it has been eleven years since The City Of Hamilton opened the West Harbour Waterfront Trail, of a 349 metre asphalt trail. This trail provides additional access to Hamilton Harbourfront (the Bay), because going back as far as the late 1960s, much of this area was inaccessible to the public and behind fences. Bay Front Park is in the city’s north with the RBG Cootes Paradise Nature Sanctuary at the site of the “Fishway,” a mechanicanism designed to keep the Carp from entering Cootes Paradise Marsh while allowing native and desirable species passage though the Fishway. McMaster University Professors, Scientists and Researchers work hard with the RBG Fishway and have provided much needed information to enhance our scientific understanding of water quality, fish species plus how and why we are getting invasive species in Lake Ontario’s Hamilton Harbourfront. Their work is highly accepted in academic circles and they have many ongoing journal articles and books published on these various subjects. Hamilton Waterfront Trail includes Pier 4 Park in Hamilton, a 2.4 hectare part in the west -end of Hamilton Harbour near Bay St. North. Other attractions along the Waterfront Trail are – The Pier 4 boardwalk, Tugboat playground in Pier 4 Park, Harbour West Marina Complex, Macassa Bay yacht Club, HHC Sailing Club, and the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club ( which HHR Prince Charles is their Patron). Once at the Fishway, the hiker can continue on to RBG Princess Point and the South Shore Trails that go back to McMaster University and the Mac Landing site. The most recent addition is the NHL size Skating Rink behind Williams Coffee that overlooks Hamilton’s Harbourfront West which is free for all families, community and visitors to enjoy.

Hamilton Harbour Entrance

Hamilton Harbour Commissioners – (HHC) The Hamilton Harbour Commissioners (HHC) constructed Hamilton Pier which provides 0.4 hectares of additional parkland and fish habitat.

Hamilton Harbour Police – The Hamilton Harbour Police are always at the ready to assist in any situation along the waterfront. The boat sits in the Harbour just north of Williams Coffee. They have an inflatable boat that can often be seen in the Harbour with Police Officers on it making sure everyone using the harbour are safe.

Hamilton Police

Environment Canada – Environmental Canada’s boat can be seen cruising along the Hamilton Harbourfront, taking water samples or whatever they are doing to enhance our picturesque Harbour and Wetland.


Cootes Paradise Marsh (Wetland) – managed by RBG has had many improvements over this past year. The BARC week-end clean-up of Cootes Paradise and Hamilton Harbour is very helpful. Due to volunteers from BARC Cootes Paradise benefits from the annual planting program. And, in turn we enjoy from this planting program the birds, fish and invertebrates inhabiting Cootes Paradise whether by sight or at the end of a camera lens.

Cootes paradise

As Environmentalists concerned with our natural environment in Hamilton Harbourfront and Cootes Paradise we say

” Thank You ” from Doug Worrall Photography.

By Jacqueline