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Cootes Paradise Waterfowl RBG Trail Hamilton

July 13th 2010
Cootes Paradise and plenty of  Waterfowl on the RBG Trail Hamilton this morning.

Was down at Cootes paradise by 8AM this morning, and watched the Canadian geese for quite
a long time. I was observing them becuause I was in there way to come on-land to have a stretch.
Once they got used to me, they all started heading for the steps I was standing on.

There was Plenty of Waterfowl today, I spoke with a trail friend “Jennete” and she let me see
her picture of a Blue Heron with a soft white belly.Within a few days will have a new Nikon 200mm zoom lens
and will have a dramatic change in quality of my Pictures,

While I spent the morning at Cootes Paradise there was a signifigant drop in temperature
to the pont I needed a jacket to stave-off the shivers.Then just a five minute walk under
the railroad tracks around the Hmilton Harbour side it was Hot and Humid.Finished off the rest
of my Water and headed back into the City.Total time out on the trail 2 hours. Once the new lens is delivered
am sure that time will cahnge dramatically.

Have a good Hump Day all
Doug Worrall

Cootes Paradise Hamilton Harbourfront Trail

July 7th 2010

Cootes Paradise Hamilton Harbourfront Trail
a great place to stay cool

Spoke with many people today so not many pictures were snapped.The Park crew’s were clearning bush at 7:30AM
To Clear better view’s for people enjoying the boat racing at Harbourfron Park this weekend.
I noticed today, that the RBG staff for the fisway come-in by Boat and i find that paticularily interseting when i saw other worker’s
also comming in to work by Motor boat.

On this Hot and mumid day, you could feel a calm breeze and relax with the call

of Loon’s the sound of the waves

Licking at the shore line.

Looking-out at Cootes paradise from the dock beside the RBG fishway

Any day you can get to the Harbourfront trail there is a treat to behold around every corner

Enjoy the pictures

Doug Worrall