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Super Salmon modified programmed Salmon

Super Salmon modified programmed Salmon
Friday September 16th 2010

Gene Manipulated Salmon

By J Darby

The Atlantic salmon ISalmmo salar) were once abundant in lake Ontario,but they died in the late 19th century. Looking at Ontario’s decision makers, the MNR decided to split stocking programs east and west of Toronto. Here, Salmon Smolts earmarked for planting to the west of Toronto are stocked upstream in both the Bronte and Credit Rivers. The fish designated for release east of Toronto (Hwy. #2 east of Toronto) are for the most part tossed off piers and break-walls with very little thought given to important imprinting factors. As salmon swim counterclockwise, and they have nowhere to go. For thousands of years the Salmon population responded to seasonal cycles and rhythms of their Ecosystem. Now salmon productivity is built by humans, whose vision of the watershed and salmon is severely flawed ! Biologists “nature-controlling” with salmon include (1) the surplus eggs on spawning grounds, and (2) technology would permit humans to control the eggs fate in fish hatcheries.

GM Technology today includes Fish Manipulations , the ” blue revolution” in the Fish Industry, or the quest to conquer the last wild frontiers on the food chain. These designer salmon, super salmon or genetically modified programmed Salmon were created by Robert Devlin , a scientist at the Canadian Government Laboratory in West Vancouver. Devlin is internationally renown for his work on risk assessment of super-fish. . He has respect for the East Coast geneticists and fish biologists working to bring their 10 strains of transgenic AquaAdvantage fish market. For example, Shae Jun Du (Geneticist) undertook transgenic fish research with Choy Hew (world renowned scientist) at the University of Toronto, 1990 to 1995. Then, in 1999 Shae Jun Du was stationed at the University of Maryland’s Center for Marine Biotechnology, where the fist successful transgenic fish in the U.S. was created. Meanwhile Ottawa funds transgenic research through the Canadian Biotechnology Strategy and the National Science Engineering Research Council.

These genetically modified salmon were to be the “savior” to dwindling wild salmon stocks, has created mounting controversy from the public anger and outcry. The National Post reported ” thousands of transgenic fish were tucked away behind chain link fences and alarm systems and security guards for 10 years, by 1999. And, A/F Protein Canada Inc., St. John’s Newfoudland plans to see Health Canada permission to provide local kitchens, with its own trademarked AquaAdvantage fish, rearranged bits of flounder and Chinook salmon genes to speed up salmon growth by 400 percent.” Aqua Bounty Technologies Inc. from Massachusetts has been working on the product called AquAdvantage Salmon for over a decade and spent $60 million in the process. The U.S.FDA, analysis saying GM fish are safe to eat and unlikely to do harm to the environment is in advance of three days of public meetings on GM fish beginning Sept. 19 – 21, 2,010 in Rockville, Maryland. These meetings will be convened by FDA Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee (YMAC). And, on Sept. 21st there will be meetings on the labeling of the food should AquaBounty get the green light for production . Monsanto Co. is a bio-tech industry leader. And, in Canada , they arranged with Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors and Canadian General Standards Board to develop voluntary system of GM labels. Difficulties include: (1) environmental safety, (2) potential health effects, and (3) the power of companies to determine the nature of food. Sociologist, C. Wright Milss pointed to controlling power in his book “The Power Elite.”

GM Salmon have a growth hormone gene taken from Chinook and through the modification process that the gene is kept active all year which enables the fish to grow 12 months. In Natural Salmon the growth is in hotter seasons, not the winter months. The GM Salmon consume 25% less food, and are at market weight in 1/2 the time (8 lb. by 18 months). These GM Salmon are much more aggressive, out-eat wild stocks, and have revved-up metabolism (hungry all the time). The research studies lack scientific reliability in their data and the David Suzuki Foundation says ” Mix GM into the toxic pot and result would be an unmitigated environmental disaster. GM foods health concerns include (1) transferring antibiotic resistant Genes which are used to create GM; (2) FDA and Who discouraged engineering techniques which use antibiotic resistant Genes in GM foods, and, (3) antibiotic resistance Genes do not respond to conventional antibiotics and therefore cause possible complications regarding human illnesses and treatment. The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology in the U.S. accounts for nearly 2/3 of all GM crops planted globally. Canada is the 3rd largest country in GM crops. The Food Policy Institute (FPI) stated fewer than half (48%) Americans realized that GM foods were on the market, on supermarket shelves; and, 87% would not understand the science behind GM Technology. The Biotechnology Industry revenues between 1998 – 2,005 was $5 billion {U.S. dollars).

Keeping you informed

J Darby