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Warm Weather Attracts People Outdoors Hamilton

Warm Weather Attracts People Outdoors Hamilton

Wednesday November 9 2011

A face you got to adore

 The mid-day of the week is named for the Norse God, Odin. He was also known as Woden or Wotan. Unlike many of the other days of the week, this day did not correspond roughly with the Roman designation for the day. (The Roman’s named Wednesday for the Messenger God – Mercury – In Romanian, the day is still known as miercuri). The early Scandanavians and Germans believed that Odin was the chief god of Asgard and as such deserved to have a day of the week named for him. The Anglo-Saxons used the word, Wodnesdaeg.

Wednesday is often referred to as “hump day” because of its position as the middle day of the work week. If the work week were a hill, then Wednesday would be the crest. It is all down hill from there. (Whether the down hill ride is a coast or a descent into a swamp is left to the individual.)

Great weather, mild and sun have made the beginning of November a wonderful treat for many. Myself included, now the shoulder is nearly healed have been ebiking the Harbourfront Trail, Burlington Harbour into Cootes Pardise

and Grindstone Creek while this weather attracts many others also. As site coordinator at pics4twitts I am pleased to share the images with you.

Doug Worrall

Always aware
Great blue heron hanging around for the Winter

Grindstone is a wonderful hike, there are many trails to choose from.

Grindstone paths

Cootes Paradise offers photographers a backdrop that any artist would enjoy viewing and recording what the heart feels

Above as is below



Fisherman are taking advantage of this great Weather

Getting the shot


Rainbow trout


Kayaking is wonderful this time of year also

Kayaking Cootes Paradise in November
Kayaking Cootes Paradise


Trumpeter Swans Grace the Burlington Harbour

Trumpeter swans Burlington


Trumpeter swan




People on bikes rest to enjoy the scenery of Cootes Paradise

Enjoying the sun and surroundings


Obstacles modes of transportation



The Turtles are ready to hibernate, not too soon though …………………………

Turtle November 7



Doug Worrall Photographer