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Inland Brown Trout Hamilton Ontario

Inland Brown Trout Hamilton Ontario

Friday 22 october 2010

Rainbow trout

Length: 20-40 cm. (8-16 in.)

occasional south of the French River, mostly in Great Lakes tributaries.
This is the fish that most anglers I know are trying, and hoping to catch, including myself.

Today after 4 hours of fishing, Terry hooked into the only fish this morning, a Beautiful Rainbow trout. Again we had the visit from the Beaver that makes his home there.

Now the weather is getting colder the mist on the lake gives a wonderful erie glow which adds to the attraction of being outdoors. Each year most fisherman in this area  catch

a Brown trout , Salmon and many Rainbows. Hope you enjoy the information and pictures.

Key identifying characteristics:

  • large black, blue or red spots on body, often surrounded by lighter ring;
  • tail with few spots;
  • the only salmon or trout with orange on adipose fin;
  • leading anal fin ray extends the length of the fin;
  • short, stocky caudal peduncle

The brown trout, a European native, was introduced to Ontario streams for the first time in 1913. Browns can be found in several streams in southern Ontario and they can be caught in fair numbers in the Humber, Credit, Speed, Grand, Saugeen, Sydenham (Grey County), Nottawasaga and Ganaraska Rivers. They are also present in Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay.

vibrant colours rainbow

In southern Ontario, brown trout frequent pools or ponds fed by streams. Although they hold their own in many turbulent, fast-flowing streams, they appear to prefer quiet, placid waters.

The brown trout is often a night feeder and probably the best catches are taken after dark, but they certainly can be caught during daylight hours. Brown trout can be taken on the same sorts of baits as brook trout, including live baits, spoons, spinners and small plugs.

In Lake Ontario, browns can be caught by casting spoons or spawn sacs from piers, and by trolling spoons or minnow imitations at nearshore areas or at river mouths.

Information : Ministry of  natural resources

Doug Worrall Photography