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Abstract Landscape Photography The Filling of Space

Abstract Landscape Photography The Filling of Space

Saturday April 2 2011

Winter Swan in summer


“Photography is a flat space, art ; as is drawing, painting or printing. The page or the canvas is empty, but pregnant with birth as its space, waiting for the touch of an inspired mind.” said Max Weber in his 1913 Platinum Print. Since the photographer works with a lens and visible objects, “matter or nature”, or ” scenes in nature” are less yielding and flexible to his medium than to the living sensitive human eye, guided by and controlled with the mind, mood, and time. Photographs are an excellent tool to show how something looks. Abstract landscape painting begins in spontaneity ! It is about painting from your imagination and heart as you focus your lens on the subject. Here, the photographer expects the unexpected to happen. Having a simple uncluttered background in your landscape, allows the focus to fall entirely on the subject.

In Abstract Landscape Photography acute angles form between the horizon, the islands, the coastal shoreline of Hamilton Harbourfront and Cootes Paradise Marsh. Here, acute angles form from the beams of the pier and gazebo to the Fishway. Abstract Landscape Photograph does not simply give a straight edges a horizontal bar, it also gives us details of the Fishway being mad ready for another season. Within the Fishway apparatus are implements of work, and they themselves are a study of curves and lines. It is a representation of the delight in the very process of photography itself – how the medium can create new realities, new materialists on the photographic page, out of light, perspective, and consequently substance transformed, such as the orchid. This transformation of the orchid from a photographic image to an art image renders it into a new abstract art form that should be on a wall or a painted picture, such as, water-colours.  A Hamilton Spectator article states “Everyone Loves Them” is about orchids. “Orchids are the most diverse family of plants on Earth. The blooms are definitely the thing and the plants have pulled some fascinating evolutionary shenanigans to make themselves attractive to pollinators, said Alan Branhagen, director of horticulture , Powel l Gardens, Kansas City, Md. Then as a sign of the end of winter, the tiny crocus, a member of the lily family, pop through the remaining snow piles showing the beauty and contrast of the season ending and a new season beginning.

The Daffodil
Soft Releif

As we look at bird groupings Trumpeter Swans are now landing at Long Point on Lake Erie. And at Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise are the Mute Swans, which as a grouping they are called a herd. Other bird groupings include hawks=casts; sparrows =host, herons = siege, peacocks = muster, and ravens = a bevy of quail. Recent research has suggested photopigment is in the eye – rhodopsin – is part of the bird’s navigation tool kit. The larger hippocampus (long-term memory) in migratory bird’s brains is evident for storing information like Landmarks, than nonmigratory birds. So, migratory birds use means at their disposal to correctly chose their course between winter to spring migration, such as, geo magnetism, stellar and solar compasses, geographic landmarks, barometric pressure, infrasound and olfactory cues. As Canada emerges from the grip of winter, every plant, flower and animal heads to the waterfront for the explosion of food resources. Here against the backdrop of Abstract Landscape Photography is the most “unique scenes of nature” to be observed in the eye of the beholder is what the Abstract Landscape photographer has ultimately achieved.

Spring crocus
Lake ontario
Tunnel Vision

Source :Hamilton Spectator, Wikipedia

Summer Dreams


By Jacqueline

Doug Worrall Photography

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Outdoor Pleasure Skating Winter Delights Hamilton

Outdoor Pleasure Skating Winter Delights Hamilton

Tuesday January 4 2010

Pond Hockey

In Pond Hockey, a synonym to Shinny, the “Rink-rats” say: “Sometimes getting the puck and the goal together can be as difficult as nailing jelly to a wall!” Pond Hockey showcases stick-handling skills, emphasizing all you need is skill in skating and puck handling ability. HOCKEY WAS BORN IN CANADA! And, Canada features the image of “pond hockey” game on its five dollar bill. Hockey roots in Canada date back to 1788 where a group of students in Nova Scotia played on a pond. The origin of Pond Hockey ha its roots in early Navajo Native American Culture. In 2,006 the inaugural Canadian National Pond Hockey Championship was held at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario. Now a woman’s division has been added, since 2,009. Winners acquire the Maple Cup. And these athletes then aspire to participate in the World’s Pond Hockey Championships, as the ultimate challenge.

pond skating

Even the great ones – #99 (Wayne Gretzky from Brantford), or #87 (Sidney Crosby from Nova Scotia) in the Evolution of Hockey Documentary verbalize how important pond hockey or backyard hockey was in their development as NHL or “Gold Medal” Olympians. Currently we have Ryan Ellis from Freelton/Waterdown as Captain of Canada’s Junior Hockey Team and Mark Visentin from Waterdown as the goalie for this team. January 2,011 both Ryan Ellis and Mark Visentin are playing in the World Junior Championships with the IIHF. These two young athlete’s and the rest of their team keep national hopes alive in hockey. What does Pond Hockey provide athletes ? It provides (1) something special about enjoying the freedom of playing hockey outdoors on a pond or lake; (2) the silence of the natural surroundings being broken as the ice shifts under sub-zero temperatures and the crunch of the snow under players boots as they approach the pond or lake; (3) the irony of the human anatomy – that is, as sweat pours down due to two 15 minutes of play while the cold air burns your nose and mouth; (4) a camaraderie the athletes share with one another in their sport; and, (4) it is an experience. Pond Hockey lacks the physical roughness of NHL, and all ages become participants. So when you see young people and adults playing 4 on 4 teams at Princes Point which is off Cootes Paradise Marsh, any city park or pond ice surface, Dundas Driving Park, Valen’s Conservation area on any pond surface in the Hamilton Region they are playing Pond Hockey, which is a form of ice hockey, played as pick-up hockey on ponds and lakes We have Lake Ontario in Hamilton. At the end of the pond hockey game players will say “Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice.”

Ice bound

Outdoor Pleasure Skating has been a family favourite for generations in the Hamilton Region. The newest addition is the rink at Pier 8, and the Old Lawn Bowling Club at Churchill Park has outdoor pleasure skating until 10 p.m. just before you enter of the Westdale Ravine. Favourite spots for outdoor pleasure skating are Princess Point, Christie’s Lake where you can skate on frozen trout ponds, and the Confederation Park area.. The Canadian Geographic Travel Club and others provide Snowshoe Hikes and they usually start at Princess Point. In 2,010 the Engineering Faculty at McMaster University hosted the 36th Annual The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR). It is the largest Engineering Competition in Canada. The hills of Princess Point and other locations, such as, Stonechurch Rd. and Garth and the Red Hill area are favourite toboggan hills for toboggans and sleds. Some of the hills are slow graded making them kid friendly. Skiing is popular locally at Chedoke Ski Area. And there is the ever popular Snow Boarding that many young people enjoy. There are many Winter Delights to enjoy during the long months of winter in Hamilton Region, so get out there and participate with your family and friends in the natural environment.

ice fishing harbourfront park

By Jacqueline Darby

Doug Worrall Photographer

Learning To Dance In The Rain Hamilton

Learning To Dance In The Rain

January  2 2011

Blooms in July

“Learning to Dance In The Rain” means to persevere through all challenges. Looking forward to our new year, 2,011, one reflects backwards to 2,010. Here, in the Etymology of the word “Thank You” derives from Old English pancian, meaning to give thanks, or, a favourable thought, which in turn derives from Proto-German term “Thankojan,” which also spawned the Middle German term “danken,” meaning to thank. By the year 1,000 in Old English it was meant as good thoughts, or gratitude. Then in the year 1,400 it was shortened from “I Thank You” to “Thank You.” Thanks is a noun but origin has its root in “think.” The word “Thank You” means more than just appreciation of people’s kindness. The Malaysian meaning “Teremakaseh” means received with love. It is a responsibility to pass on “thank you” to show gratitude, appreciation, and well mean love for what others have added to our work and lives in the community.
At Doug Worrall Photography Elements Photoblog we are grateful for your continued support and comments of pics4twitts.com website and wish you a wonderful new year filled with prosperity, happiness and joy. We are indebted to community participants, municipal partners, charitable organizations, and volunteers that continually provide access to enjoy our environment along the west-end of Lake Ontario, Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradies Wetland and sincerely thank them for their continued efforts to the Harbour.

Pen and Signets

Hamilton Waterfront Trust – is a charitable organization with a “Mandate – to make it possible for everyone to use and enjoy Hamilton’s Waterfront.” They are also responsible for the Waterfront Tolley that many seniors and disabled would not be able to walk the trail, enjoy it on this train ride that is commentated. The conductors, and young people on the train are very friendly and helpful in answering the many questions from the general public. Boat rides are also available on the Harbourfront Queen, where Saturday night moonlight cruises and Sunday Brunches are popular items in the summer and autumn.

Harbourfront Trust
Hamilton Harbourfront tours

The City Of Hamilton – Now it has been eleven years since The City Of Hamilton opened the West Harbour Waterfront Trail, of a 349 metre asphalt trail. This trail provides additional access to Hamilton Harbourfront (the Bay), because going back as far as the late 1960s, much of this area was inaccessible to the public and behind fences. Bay Front Park is in the city’s north with the RBG Cootes Paradise Nature Sanctuary at the site of the “Fishway,” a mechanicanism designed to keep the Carp from entering Cootes Paradise Marsh while allowing native and desirable species passage though the Fishway. McMaster University Professors, Scientists and Researchers work hard with the RBG Fishway and have provided much needed information to enhance our scientific understanding of water quality, fish species plus how and why we are getting invasive species in Lake Ontario’s Hamilton Harbourfront. Their work is highly accepted in academic circles and they have many ongoing journal articles and books published on these various subjects. Hamilton Waterfront Trail includes Pier 4 Park in Hamilton, a 2.4 hectare part in the west -end of Hamilton Harbour near Bay St. North. Other attractions along the Waterfront Trail are – The Pier 4 boardwalk, Tugboat playground in Pier 4 Park, Harbour West Marina Complex, Macassa Bay yacht Club, HHC Sailing Club, and the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club ( which HHR Prince Charles is their Patron). Once at the Fishway, the hiker can continue on to RBG Princess Point and the South Shore Trails that go back to McMaster University and the Mac Landing site. The most recent addition is the NHL size Skating Rink behind Williams Coffee that overlooks Hamilton’s Harbourfront West which is free for all families, community and visitors to enjoy.

Hamilton Harbour Entrance

Hamilton Harbour Commissioners – (HHC) The Hamilton Harbour Commissioners (HHC) constructed Hamilton Pier which provides 0.4 hectares of additional parkland and fish habitat.

Hamilton Harbour Police – The Hamilton Harbour Police are always at the ready to assist in any situation along the waterfront. The boat sits in the Harbour just north of Williams Coffee. They have an inflatable boat that can often be seen in the Harbour with Police Officers on it making sure everyone using the harbour are safe.

Hamilton Police

Environment Canada – Environmental Canada’s boat can be seen cruising along the Hamilton Harbourfront, taking water samples or whatever they are doing to enhance our picturesque Harbour and Wetland.


Cootes Paradise Marsh (Wetland) – managed by RBG has had many improvements over this past year. The BARC week-end clean-up of Cootes Paradise and Hamilton Harbour is very helpful. Due to volunteers from BARC Cootes Paradise benefits from the annual planting program. And, in turn we enjoy from this planting program the birds, fish and invertebrates inhabiting Cootes Paradise whether by sight or at the end of a camera lens.

Cootes paradise

As Environmentalists concerned with our natural environment in Hamilton Harbourfront and Cootes Paradise we say

” Thank You ” from Doug Worrall Photography.

By Jacqueline